Can an adverb (with -ly) be a complement of the subject?

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I understand that a part of speech is to be distinguished from its function in a clause.
For example, it is possible, albeit limited in usage, for a word classified as an adverb in terms of part of speech to function as a subject, as in this thread "Can an adverb be a subject of one sentence?".

Relevant examples there include "Carefully does it" and "Slowly is the best way to do it".

I was wondering if an adverb ending in "-ly" could function as a subject complement in a clause.
Unfortunately, I haven't been able to think of any legitimate example yet.

Could anyone come up with such an example or more?
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    Hi, JungKim. The only normal use of an adverb in a complement that I can think of would be an adverb used with an adjective: He seems dreadfully incompetent.
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