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Hello again. Philosophy paper I'm working on. I'd like to make sure that the " can and should" part in particular is translated properly. But my attempts sound clunky--too much like an anglicism. Am I doing this correctly?

In English:
In doing so, the psychic matter and the faculty of consent within a human being can—and moreover, should—be themselves transformed into something akin to the body’s material reality.

In French:
De cette manière, la matière psychique et la faculté de consentement dans l’être humain peuvent--et qui plus est, doivent—être transformées en quelquechose comparable à la réalité matérielle du corps.

Many thanks!
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    hello ! this seems to be quiet a tough exercise isn't it !
    well your attempt does not sound clunky to me. You could also say
    peuvent - voire doivent - être transformées en QUELQUE CHOSE DE comparable..

    Watch out though :
    quelque chose de comparable (instead of quelquechose comparable)
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    Ahh, Gil--that's what I had at first, but then I second guessed myself. Thank you for the correction.

    And thanks very much, schtroumpfette, for your suggestion (much more elegant than "et qui plus est") and correction. I'm grateful! Lots of help.
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