Can anyone please translate stamps on a coffee grinder?

Discussion in 'Türkçe (Turkish)' started by Atlantia, Mar 8, 2015.

  1. Atlantia Member

    English - Britain
    If anyone can translate the following I'd be grateful.
    Trying to date and place this one a bit more closely for a friend.
    Many thanks for your help.

  2. dilandlanguage Senior Member

    Top part same with english: bark - four in arabic letters.

    Trade larK

    GARANTİ = warranty
  3. rupertbrooke

    rupertbrooke Senior Member

    English UK
    Expert friends of mine have given me the following limited information:-
    coffee grinder hallmark/stamp

    'Kahve öğütücü marka mührü'


    I am not sure but 4 bark means 4 different layer of brass.

    BARK-FOUR / Ticari Marka / Garanti (Warranty)

    It is possible that "BARK-FOUR" is actually a trade mark (marka). "GARANTI" refers to some sort of warranty. This item is probably very old. Warranty has to be very specific as you know. The mere word "GARANTI" is vague. How long and what terms?
  4. Rallino Moderatoúrkos

    No one seems to have provided any information regarding the line in the second picture.

    I can't decipher the first two letters. The brass is damaged and I can't read it well.
    The second word is obviously Aslı, which means the original. But I don't know about the first word.

    Hoping that someone who's an expert at the Ottoman Script will butt in.
  5. rupertbrooke

    rupertbrooke Senior Member

    English UK
  6. Honour Senior Member

    Türkçe, Türkiye
    Garanti is the brand of the grinder. They still manufacture grinders.
  7. rupertbrooke

    rupertbrooke Senior Member

    English UK
    Thanks, Honour.
  8. Atlantia Member

    English - Britain
    Many thanks to everyone who has replied.
    The one on ebay is very similar (but more complete).
    I'll pass all of this information to my friend.

    Many thanks again :)
  9. Atlantia Member

    English - Britain
    My friend has bought another grinder.
    The stamps look a little indistinct and I wonder if these aren't Arabic rather than Turkish?
    Can anyone read it please?
    The numerals look like 2820?
  10. adelan Senior Member

    Czech Republic
    Atlantia, if you cannot see any Latin letters, it is definitely NOT Turkish.
  11. Rallino Moderatoúrkos

    It could still be Ottoman Turkish.

    The first word seems to read: حاجى which is hacı (pilgrim)?
    I can't make out the second word.
  12. rupertbrooke

    rupertbrooke Senior Member

    English UK
    Well done, Rallino! Of course:- Haci refers to the most famous master-producer of such bronze hand mills, Haci Artin. who until the 1970s ran a shop on Uzun Çarşı Avenue (İstanbul? Antakya?) where he not only made new mills but also repaired broken ones.
  13. Rallino Moderatoúrkos

    That's interesting, Rupert. Thanks for the info! :)

    Though the second word doesn't look like Artin. In fact, I think it reads شابوح- Şabuh. But I don't know what it means.
  14. Atlantia Member

    English - Britain
    Thanks for the help, I'll send my friend a link immediately :)
  15. rupertbrooke

    rupertbrooke Senior Member

    English UK
    The BARK may refer to a famous Turkish coffee grinder maker Hadji Barkev.

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