Can anyone recommend one of these?


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I would like to send a message to my French friends:
A, B, C et D: Il y a quelqu'un qui peut en recommander une?

where A, B, C and D are television shows (séries). Is that the best way to say: "Can anyone recommend any of these?"

Alternatively, can I write something like:

A, B, C et D: Je commence avec laquelle / avec quelle série?

(i.e. A, B, C and D: Which one should I start with?)

Thank you in advance!
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    Hi, and welcome!

    Concerning "A, B, C et D: Il y a quelqu'un qui peut en recommander une?", this is a familiar way to put it. You will find it a lot also from native French speaker, but the correct way is to use subjunctive, and to switch the verb and the subject : y-a-t-il quelqu'un qui puisse m'en recommander une?

    A more simple (although elegant) way would be "A, B, C et D : quelqu'un peut-il m'en recommender une"?

    Also you can use "A, B, C et D : Laquelle me recommanderiez-vous?, which is not the direct translation.

    Your two other proposals are correct.


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    Ou "Par quelle série serait-il bon (préférable) que je commence?" (more formal than above)
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