Can "gargantuan" be used to describe a large population?


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Greetings all,

I am trying to qualify the size of ethnic group in Canada as being huge and so I wanted to inquire if "gargantuan" is an appropriate word here.

My sentence: "Due to the lobbying of Vancouver's gargantuan Indo-Canadian diaspora, Panjabi has been introduced into the school systems and is offered as an optional language for students of all ages to take."

I appreciate your advice and look forward to reading your response.
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    Considering that the entire city of Vancouver has fewer than 600,000 residents, which means that the city as a whole could not be described as "huge", let alone "gargantuan", it is difficult to see how a minority group in that city could be described as being "gargantuan" in size. The use of "due to" here is also less than optimal. I will also point out that there cannot be an Indo-Canadian diaspora in Canada itself, but only Canadian members of the Indian diaspora..

    Perhaps you might say "Because of the lobbying of the sizable Indo-Canadian community in Vancouver, ..."


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    “Gargantuan” is hardly appropriate. If you glance at the WR Dictionary you will see that the word means elephantine, huge, massive; but not numerous.
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