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In the following paragraph from online Disney shop;
If you’ve ever wondered how to make Mickey, Minnie, Stitch and Angel cuter then the answer is to obviously put them in fluffy bunny costumes. We can hardly cope with these Easter themed soft toys with their big rabbit ears, soft bunny costumes and each one holding a cute little spring themed animal. The soft toys also have ‘Disney Store 2019’ embroidered on their feet to make them extra special and perfect for a Disney collector. Whichever character you choose, this cuddly companion is ready for Easter holiday adventures and a new super soft snuggle buddy at bedtime.​
I wonder how to express the phrase "hardly cope with"?
any help appreciated.
  • elroy

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    US English, Palestinian Arabic bilingual
    This is hyperbole. It’s saying they’re so cute we can’t cope with it / we can’t handle it / it’s too much.

    In Palestinian Arabic we (sarcastically) say النغاشة بتشرّ شرّ, where النغاشة = “cuteness” and بتشرّ = “overflowing.” Maybe that’ll help you come up with something in MSA.
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