Can I add 'with love' to my friends?


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I have a friend of mine whom I made friends with one or two month ago.

When writing email to him, is it ok if I put 'with love' instead of 'take care' at the end of letter?

'With love' can be only used between close friends or between a male and a female?

Thank you for your reply in advance.
  • Egmont

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    To some extent it depends on who you are. We don't know if you're male or female. In the U.S., women use this term more freely than men.

    I'm a straight male. I've had platonic female friends sign e-mails to me with the word "love." I doubt another man (straight or gay) would sign an e-mail to me that way, except perhaps as a joke, but that may be a cultural thing.

    The two-word phrase "with love" carries a more serious meaning. I would avoid it unless you really, really mean it.


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    I would add that in cross-culture communication, signing 'with love' would mean (or be interpreted as to mean) more than the same done between fellow British, Americans, etc.
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