can I ask about recommendations of translations(Clasic lit)?

Discussion in 'Comments and Suggestions' started by aquazula, Aug 1, 2014.

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  1. aquazula New Member

    Español mexicano
    Seeing that this forum is frequented by many people from different cultures and languages, I was wondering if I could ask about suggestions of translations from classical literature. For instance, Homer's odyssey, Dante's Divine Comedy, Sun Tzu's art of war, etc.
    I'm fluent in english and spanish, in addition that i'm currently studying Chinese.
    So sometimes I wonder which version to read from literary works, like should I read Homer's Odyssey in spanish or english?

    The first part of my inquiry, is that if i can ask people to suggest which translation to be better (according to their experiences).
    While, the second part would be where to post it. Because some forums are just "spanish-english" or "chinese-english" and all are mainly grammar or vocabulary related... so where would it be the suitable to ask this kind of questions?
    Lastly, the third part would be (if possible) if someone can suggest a specific editorial or person that translated the literary work in question.

    note: These may be some weird question, but I really hate when some translations are really flawed. I read some modern american novels in spanish (some time ago) because I couldn't find them in english in my country and I almost burned the book. Another book I read that was british translated into spanish from spain was horrible. I swear the guy that translated it was worse than doing a copy/paste in google translate (poor book).

    P.S. sorry about the tittle (aka. the part of "classic lit") I didn't have enough space XD
  2. jann

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    Welcome, Aquazula. :)

    I'm sorry, but this sort of question does not fall within the scope of the WordReference language forums. We cannot make recommendations about literature, editions, translations, dictionaries, grammar reference books, or anything else like this, even though all of these materials are related to languages. Other members have suggested the creation of a forum for this purpose in the past, but such a forum will not be created here on WR. You may wish to refer to Literary discussions and reading suggestions, especially post #57 from WordReference owner Mike Kellogg. See also here.

    However, once you have been with us for long enough, you will have access to a section of the forum known as the Culture Café, where all sorts of discussion topics are permitted. At that point, you could see about asking your literature question there. For more information about the Culture Café, please see here.

    Thanks for your understanding.

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