Can I get a size down, please?


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Hi folks,

I'm at a clothes store and the salesperson brings a medium size tee when I'm actually a small. Is it okay to say:

"Can I please get a size down?" to mean "Can I please get a smaller size?" (I'm guessing the first version would sound more accurate since saying Can I please get a smaller size? might have them wondering whether I would like to get a small or an extra small size T-shirt. Am I right?)

And also, if, instead, I were a large, would it be okay to say:

"Can I please get a size up?"
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    In AE, we would say “Can I get it in the next smaller size?” or — if we know what that size is — “Can I get that in Extra Small?”



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    I've heard 'one size up' and 'one size down' before, although this is often in relation to numerical sizes.

    So if I've been given an item with a chest size of 38 inches, one size up is 40 and one size down is 36 (because there's shop does not sell it in size 39 or 37). Because it is not a matter of going up or down a whole number, we might prefer 'one size smaller or larger' as others have suggested.

    However, if you are talking about shoes, 'one size up' from a size 8 is a size 9; and you might even talk of half sizes - a half size up from size 8 is a size 8½ because many shoes come in half sizes.