Can I get back to you on that later?


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I'm looking for a fluent translation of the following phrase, can anyone help me?
Can I get back to you on that later?

Thank you!
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    sure- it's very fluent/colloquial.
    it means that someone just asked the speaker a question and they do not know how to respond. they need to take a moment to research or find the answer, and then they will come back to the person asking the question with a response.
    I thought a good translation would be :
    Peux-je retourner à votre question dans un instant?


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    Peux-je is not correct and Puis-je sounds formal. I then suggest to use a "est-ce que" question.

    I think a common sentence to mean the same could be Est-ce que je peux vous répondre dans un moment ?

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    Please have a look at the on-site dictionary entry for get back to, as well - you'll arrive at the general entry for get, but the more specific keyword search will give you a reasonable list of links to previous discussions:

    ~ back to [sb] revenir à;
    I'll ~ back to you (on phone) je vous rappelle;
    I will get back to you soon with the timings of the study
    I'll get back to you'll get back to you with
    to get back to you
    You have reached the voicemail of...please leave a msg and I'll get back to you as soon as possible
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