Can I get you something / Would you like something (to eat/drink)?

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by Mambero, Sep 29, 2009.

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    Ciao a tutti!

    Thank you for the help in advance, here is the scenario:

    I work at a restaurant which is quite often visited by Europeans (mostly UK); on occasion, I get guests from Italy. I have just begun to learn italian, and my vocabulary has grown tremendously, but conjugation and correct grammar is still a problem. My question to day is about these phrases:

    "Can I get you something (to eat/drink)?"

    "Would you like something (to eat/drink)?"

    How would you say these two phrases in italian? Which one is formal/informal?

    So far I know I can use "Desidera" but are their other words?

    Once again, Grazie

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    Ciao Mambero e benvenuto al Forum :)

    The formality depends not only on the chioce of verbs but also on the register you use to address somebody.
    You can use tu (colloquial, informal) or lei (formal) in the 3rd person (assuming that in the dialogues submitted the speaker is asking only to one person)

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