Can I have an haircut? [talking to barber]

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way to tell him that I want an haircut ????

I know this way " can I have an haircut ?"
but i am not sure that its right or very comman .......

  • Kelly B

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    I would like a haircut, please [a, rather than an, in the US] or
    I would like to have my hair cut.


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    I don't think I've ever actually asked. Usually the barber will grunt something at me and I'll just sit down. :D

    But I'd most likely say:

    Could I get a haircut, please?


    yeah get is use in this case, or I need a hair cut. I need to get a haircut,
    don't use "an" with consonants or with consonant sounds ex. a book, a pencil, a house is well spoken.
    an apple, an hour because this is a vowel sound.


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    I'd like to get a haircut.

    "Can I get a haircut?" is ok but sounds a little too brusque.


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    It would seem to me that if you step into a barbershop it is obvious that you want your hair cut. You would need to have a few more words to use. Usually you tell the barber how you want your hair cut. Do you want a full haircut or just a trim? None off the top, just around the sides, etc. A buzz cut or razor cut, whatever. You are leaving it to the whim of the barber by just saying, "I would like a haircut, please".


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    Jacinta, your post is exactly what I was thinking! If I were a barber, and someone asked if he could get in a haircut (in a barbershop, mind you), I'd be tempted to say, "No, we only sell flowers here," or something similarly nonsensical!


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    For further extended conversation - or to watch foreros mutate a thread from haircuts to car repairs - or to check that those posting so far are not contradicting themselves:D

    ... to see last week's thread on i want my hair cut/to be cut:)
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