Can I make a sentence using "satisfied + ing-verb" ?

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Can the word "satisfied" be used with an ing-verb as below?

You should not be satisfied just knowing the fact.
I am satisfied receiving a letter from him.

Thank you in advance.
  • DonnyB

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    You need a preposition: the common one is "satisfied with..."

    You should not be satisfied with just knowing the fact(s).
    I am satisfied at receiving a letter from him.
    (at sounds better to me in that one, but with would work as well).


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    Donny B-san
    Thank you very much for your explanation.

    I understand "be satisfaied" always needs a preposition "with/at" even with a verb.

    So it can be applied to other adjectives such as "be surprized at".

    I am surprised at hearing that news.

    Am I correct?
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