Can I say "turn down a road"?


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For example, can I say "Is there any road i have to turn down?"

Source: "I made it up myself!"
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    Yes, you can say that. If your listener speaks English fluently, that listener should be able to understand your question without any problem.


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    "Turn down" sounds more natural to me than "turn into" if you are asking a question about which road you need to take to get somewhere.


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    I only know one situation where "turn down a road" can be used.

    If you are travelling on one road, and you reach the intersection of another road, you can "turn down the new road". That means you turn at the intersection and now are travelling on the new road.

    "Is there any road i have to turn down?"
    That sentence only makes sense if you say it while travelling on a road. You are asking if you will have to change to a different road that crosses the road you are on.

    If you are sitting on a chair in your kitchen, the sentence does not make sense.
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