Can I see two shows in a row?


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Привет. I don't speak Russian but I'm going to travel to Russia next month, and I am planning to go to this wonderful puppet theater.

They have three shows on May 17 and I'm wondering if it would be possible for me to see the second show("Снеговик"starting at 16:00) and then the third show ("Необыкновенный концерт" starting at 18:00) in a row.

I think things are usually on schedule in Russia so if the second show is shorter than 2 hours, I think can see two shows in a day, but if the shows are not usually played on schedule, (for example, the show sometimes takes longer to end than originally scheduled, etc. ) maybe it's a good idea to see one show on one day each. (I can see the second show the day before also.)

Google translate says:

Can I see Снеговик and Необыкновенный концерт in a row?=Могу ли я увидеть Снеговик и Необыкновенный концерт подряд?

Can I see =Могу ли я увидеть, и=and, подряд=in a row.

Is it correct?
If it sounds too rude, or strange, could you kindly tell me how to say it properly?

The second show: (...)

The theater's calendar: (...)

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    Can I see Снеговик and Необыкновенный концерт in a row?=Могу ли я увидеть "Снеговик" и "Необыкновенный концерт" подряд?
    Better use посмотреть instead of увидеть. But even then the phrase is not very natural. Maybe better to ask whether you can see one show immediately after another, or see two shows in one day.


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    Maybe something like: Смогу ли я посмотреть "Необыкновенный концерт" сразу после "Снеговика"?
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