can implicit be a verb?

Mr Bones

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Hello, friends. I've just come across the following sentence on the internet and I was wondering if implicit is usually used as a verb. I looked it up in several dictionaries and it's always given as an adjective.

Kevin doesn't want to win for the sake of it, but he's in there to compete, which naturally implicits that at any given time there is one who is the best.

Thank you very much, Mr Bones.
  • cuchuflete

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    Greetings Mr Bones.

    The writer has taken some unfortunate liberties with the English language. Implicit is not a verb, even if that
    badly written sentence tries to implicit (Argh!) that it is. I believe 'implies' would work well in its place.


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    Aha! The writer is someone who is accustomed to languages. But these languages have such delightful names as

    Ruby on Rails

    Programmers are not always best known for their facility with the kinds of language we play with here.