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Hello again my friends!

There's something that concerns me a bit in the following:

"Of course there’s also the sheep-shagging jokes New Zealanders can never quite escape when you travel abroad."

Does the phrase 'can never quite escape' mean they (New Zealanders)cannot forget about sheep-shagging jokes or that they cannot make themselve free from them?

Does 'when you travel abroad' mean >New Zealanders< in this context or >ne reading this< ?

Your help would be much appreciated!
Thanks in advance!

  • out2lnch

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    I read it to mean that New Zealanders are the butts of the sheep-shagging jokes, no matter where they go. I'm not sure if that was what was meant though, because I've never heard such jokes about New Zealanders (others, yes, them, no).
    It means that when New Zealanders travel in other countries, and the people they meet discover that the travellers are New Zealanders, the New Zealanders cannot avoid hearing the people in those countries repeating jokes about New Zealanders having sex with sheep: these jokes will always be made to New Zealanders by people in other countries.
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