Can sightseeing be done in the nature?


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Dear all,

I know sightseeing usually is done in a city.
But is it possible to be done in the nature where has monuments, e.g. Machu Piqchu?

Thank you in advance.
  • lingobingo

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    I see no reason why the word sightseeing shouldn’t be applied to visiting areas of natural beauty, many of which are tourist attractions anyway.


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    I agree; sightseeing can be anywhere where there is a "sight."

    However, "nature" is uncountable, so it does not take an article. You can go sightseeing in nature, without an article. There is no such thing as "the nature" with this meaning of "nature."


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    Thank you, all.

    To Florentia52
    For example:
    I went on vacation to Peru and went sighting to Machu Piqchu.
    I went on vacation to Japan and went sighting to Mt. Fuji.
    I went on vacation to the country and went sighting to the beach.

    To Chez:
    No matter if the monuments are famous or not?
    If A is a monument, but neither well-known nor a typical travel spots,
    can I say "go sightseeing to A" still?

    To Lingobingo,
    You asked a good question.
    "Sightseeing" in English is translated to some phrase which literally means "see the views", and mostly refers to "city tour".
    That's the reason why I hesitated using it in somewhere out of a city.

    To JulianStuart,
    Thank you.
    I think I understand it better now.

    To Egmont,
    Thank you for correction.
    I will be carefull to not make the same mistake again.
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    No one would say I went sightseeing to the beach. Going sightseeing and going to the beach are two very different activities. Neither would they normally use the word sightseeing when talking specifically — that is, about a particular visit to a particular place. “We’re going sightseeing” means we’re off to see the sights, in a general sense:

    We went sightseeing · We went on a sightseeing trip
    We visited Buckingham Palace, the National Gallery and Covent Garden. :tick:
    We went sightseeing to Buckingham Palace, etc. :thumbsdown:


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    Thank you very much, lingobingo.
    I won't use " go sightseeing to a plance" anymore.

    Now I think I've understood it.

    Thank you all here again!! :thumbsup:
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