Can "that's good enough" be used to interrupt a talk in progress?


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Hi everyone,

Suppose someone is giving a teaching demo and has been informed that the session will be 30 mintues long. At the same time the person has also been told that the judges can interrupt him/her at any point during the session if they feel they have seen enough to make a judegment. Now my question is: if one of the judges wishes to interrupt the on-going teaching demon, what can he/she say?

Is it ok to say "that's good enough?"

How about "That will do?"
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    If the speaker is well aware that the demo may be interrupted, then yes,...
    I think you can soften the rudeness of those expressions by first saying "Thank you."


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    I would not use "That's good enough" simply to terminate the presentation. It implies that it has "passed" or reached the required standard.

    It could be that the presentation is being terminated because it was so bad the assessors have already decided to record it as a "fail".


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    I would not use "That's good enough" ... It implies that it has "passed" or reached the required standard.

    I agree. Will you give the verdict immediately or will there be a delay before notifying the person?

    If there's a delay, I suggest:

    Thank you. We've seen enough to make a judgement and we'll let you know the result when we have seen all the participants.
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