Can we oblige?


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hey everyone.
I'm watching Wild child (2008)

there's a part that the american girl talks like this: When the head girl has earned my respect, then i'll shake her hand, biatch.

and then the head girl say:

stunningly horridious ego, desperately seeks a good bashing. Can we oblige? me think so.

i'm wondering what "can we oblige" mean in this sentence?
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    Hello diego707.

    Welcome to the forum. :)

    "She is seeking a good bashing. Can we oblige /give her what she is seeking? [=a good bashing/beating]. I think so."

    Our dictionary's definition of oblige:
    3. to do a service or favour to (someone): she obliged the guest with a song

    It's an ironic use of 'oblige', since giving someone a beating is not really doing them a favour.


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    Is that text from a source, diego? In other words, can you provide a source for that actual text?


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    it's from the movie wild child (2008)

    here is the transcript (www) /movie_script. php?movie=wild-child

    just fix the link


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    hi there.
    i know she's seeking a good bashing, the point is that also sounds weird for me she talking like this way..

    i didn't understand at all at first but then you've explained it to me now i get it. she's talking in a ironic way

    ever since I've been learning English i haven't seen this word till now.
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    It is not exactly common; but even less common are the word "horridious" or the use of "me" as the (sole) subject of the verb "think". This speech is intended to be new, inventive and striking, not "common".
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