Can we use "next years" in the beginning of a sentence ?


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Hi everybody !
I have a question in mind for several days now and it really stress me out not to know the answer

i know that we can start a sentence by "next year", but i am wondering if it works too when next year is in plural

for instance, can i say : next years, i'll be doing a trip all around Europe
or should i say : in the following years/in the next years/in the years to come, i'll be doing a trip...

thank you in advance !
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    :) Welcome to the forum, Lamb-.

    My preference would be: in the next (few) years / in the years to come.

    PS: ... taking a trip.


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    Hi Lamb-,

    You cannot say 'next years' but you can say 'in the following years/ in the years to come'. I would advise against using the phrase 'in the next years', too.

    'In the years to come' sounds like the best of the sentences you have written.

    Hope this helps.
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