Can you build a tab for unanswered threads?

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  • Yendred

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    It exists already and it's called "New posts":
    New posts
    You can filter it to have only unanswered threads.

    (and by the way this is where I saw you post ;))
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    just use "filters" (on the right just above the threads list -> sort by "replies", "ascending" ) and unanswered threads ( 0 replies) will display first ;)


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    What about the old tab/button in Watched Threads that you could click to show posts you had responded to but which had new replies that you might have missed, even older ones. It seemed to have disappeared with one of the upgrades. Did it disappear or was it moved or replaced by something else?

    Also, after the last upgrade (or second to last) it seems like I find quite a few replies to watched threads by scrolling through the normal pages that don't show up in my alerts. I'm not talking about multiple ones close together (I know all those aren't listed individually) but single ones that simply don't cause an alert. It seems like the alert system isn't as reliable as it used to be.
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