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Hello, I am a writer and I have a character in my book who is an old Korean woman. She is speaking to strangers. I need some of her words translated into Korean phrases. Unfortunately the online dictionaries only give me Korean text. I need to be able to write it down as 'she' would pronounce it phonetically.

The phrase I need is:

"Can you come with me?"

Thanks to anyone who can help.
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    Dda-La-Or-Rae-Yo? [따라올래요?] or Dda-La-Or-Su-It-Na-Yo? [따라올 수 있나요?]
    (formal, both of them are meaning "can you come with me?" and I would use the last one.)
    Ga-Chi-Gal-Rae-Yo? (formal, and means would you come with me? (to any places or locations, don't need to point out any specific location)
    it would sound better if you say
    [나랑 같이가요] well... it's more like suggestion but still means the same.
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