Can you flush it with liquid nitrogen

Pavel Pin

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The crew planned to put the bomb in compartment to release the bomb into the Earth's core. Master gear key of the submarine the ship which is used to inject the compartment of the ship which is present outside the ship i.e 9000 degree:

Josh Keyes: So one of us has to go in there.
Maj Rebecca: Correct. Into the crawl space that has core fluid at 9,000 degrees.
Josh Keyes: Can you flush it with liquid nitrogen?
Braz: We don't have enough at this point.

What is the meaning of "flush"?
Does flush mean cooling down?

Source: The Core 2003
  • Greyfriar

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    To flush something is to pass a liquid through it at some pressure in order to clean it or to effect some change.
    A toilet is flushed to clean it.
    An eye which has a speck of dirt in it can be flushed with water to try and remove the dirt.
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