Can you give me a synonym of sticky..someone sticky !

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    claude23 said:

    Can you give me a synonymous of sticky..someone being sticky ?

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    Could you please give us some context Claude? A person can be sticky from the humidity or from having soft drink spilled onto him/her......


    If you're still in Ireland Claude there's a political reference to someone being called "a sticky" which might be what you mean, but if you think it might be, then send me a PM as there is no need to go into it here.


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    My Pourtuguese French speaking friend refers to her kids as "sticky" meaning "clingy".

    I suspect that may be the context in question.

    Synonyms: clingy, needy, inseparable, attached, affectionate, touchy, touchie-feelie, close, devoted, paternal, maternal.

    Interestingly, I found scant few useful thesaurus entries on this context.