Can you translate this paragraph?

Discussion in 'العربية (Arabic)' started by jmt356, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. jmt356 Senior Member

    Suggested translation:
    ممكن تترجمينَ هذه الفقرة؟

    I want to conjugate "translate" into the second person singular feminine form.

    Google translate did not recognize تترجمينَ, which is why I question whether it is right.
  2. Mighis

    Mighis Senior Member

    أنتِ الماضي المعلوم ترجمْتِ المضارع المعلوم تُترجِمِينَ المضارع المجزوم تُترجِمِي المضارع المنصوب تُترجِمِي المضارع المؤكد الثقيل تُترجِمِنَّ الأمر ترجِمِي الأمر المؤكد ترجِمِنَّ

  3. Annie_Hall Senior Member

    هل تستطيعن أن تترجمي هذا المقطع؟

    تترجمينَ should be correct, yet it should be written without the final "ن" when it follows "أن". Or "totarjemee" rather than "totarjemeena." Hope that helps.
  4. jmt356 Senior Member

    Can anybody confirm this rule? Is Annie suggesting using the active subjunctive after أن?

    Also, تستطيعن is not to my knowledge the correct translation of "can" for the second person feminine singular imperfect. It should be تستطيعينَ.
  5. Linolenic Senior Member

    What Annie_Hall wrote is correct but as you said it should be تستطيعين.. the sentence as a whole should be هل تستطيعين أن تترجمي (ترجمة) هذا المقطع؟
  6. Annie_Hall Senior Member

    Thanks a lot, تستطيعين is of course the correct conjugation. The advantage of acquiring knowledge through Google translate is that you never make spelling mistakes :)
  7. jmt356 Senior Member

    Why do you have "ترجمة" in parenthesis? Are you indicating that an alternative formulation would be:
    هل تستطيعين ترجمة هذا المقطع؟
  8. Linolenic Senior Member

    and I think you've already discussed this issue here

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