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Discussion in 'English Only' started by sophiasophie, Aug 27, 2015.

  1. sophiasophie Senior Member

    Hi guys,

    If you apply for immigration to Quebec, Canada, you will need to submit some application materials. If the immigration officer thinks that he/she needs to know more about certain information, he/she will send a letter (called 115C) to you requiring you to submit more materials. How to call such letter? I can't find the official name of the letter. does "materials update notice" convey the meaning I intend to express?
  2. Language Hound Senior Member

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    Perhaps a Request for Additional Information.
  3. sophiasophie Senior Member

    Thank you very much for your good suggestion. Here is the thing: I know for sure that the official name of the form contains the word "update", could you come up with a phrase including this word and expressing what I want to say?
  4. Parla Member Emeritus

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    "Request for information update", perhaps.
  5. Language Hound Senior Member

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    I have just read through some pdf files on Canada's Immigrant Investor Program and have concluded, based on the following, that you couldn't find an official name for the letter because the letter doesn't have an official name per se. Instead it seems to be officially referred to as "Perm 115c INV COMP
    et MAJ" or "Perm 115c" for short (more like a form reference number):
    If you need to refer to this letter, I would simply say, for example,
    In response to your letter (Perm 115c) requesting me to complete or update my file...

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