canaladura (en perfilería de aluminio)

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    Hello everyone,

    I´ve tried to find this word, but I couldn´t

    "CANALADURA", in this phrase: Fijado en caladura existente en perfilería de aluminio.

    Can you please help me with this word.

    Thank you very much.
  2. Sprachliebhaber Moderator

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    El diccionario dice Canaladura (de canal) - Arquitectura: Moldura hueca que se hace en algún miembro arquitectónico, en línea vertical.
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    Please help us help you, sergey.
    We need to know what is this thing in aluminum that has on it a "canaladura."
    In the first place, is it possibly acanaladura, which is in the dictionary (Spanish only page)

    Possible translations: (one) groove; grooving (of a metal sheet, rod, or part); rifling (of a gun interior); fluting (of a column).

    So we need more specific details. Cheers.
    I see you have an answer now, but I still think we need more specifics.

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