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Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by Parigigi, Jun 18, 2008.

  1. Parigigi Senior Member

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    Hi there,

    I was wondering what "canale distributivo" meant exactly in Italian - the context is a contract which grants certain rights to the RAI for the distribution of a movie.
    Is it simply a "channel" (TV) or rather a "canal" (less precise and exclusive) ?
    Here is the sentence:
    Rai Cinema acquisisce, inoltre, il diritto di utilizzare in perpetuo e in tutto il mondo, senza scopo di lucro, anche tramite la rete internet con piena facoltà di utilizzare formati non lineari e sistemi di compressione digitale e di riproduzione temporanea e/o permanente nell’ambito della distribuzione / trasmissione / diffusione / disseminazione su qualsiasi canale distributivo, anche multimediale...
    My try :
    Rai Cinema acquires the perpetual and universal right to use... within the environment of distribution / etc. through any distributive canal, even a multimedia one...
  2. TimLA

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    I would vote for "distribution channel".
    It means any way in which something can be "sold" or "distributed".

    The major distribution channels for fresh lettuce in this area include buyers for seven major supermarkets, 14 MacDonalds restaurants, and eight mom and pop grocery stores.

    The distribution channels for our product include the internet, agents in Canada, telephone sales, and 27 retail stores.

    The distrubution channels for out TV program include "Pay per View", Channel 4, and direct internet streaming video.
  3. Parigigi Senior Member

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    Ok thanks a lot.
    They use "canale" elsewhere as "tv channel"...
    Maybe "broadcast channel" is better, since we're talking about a movie?
  4. TimLA

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    It seems like your document is very legal, and so I think I might go with the more common "distribution channel" if they are only talking about marketing, and a "deal" to market the program.

    I can imagine someone arguing that "broadcast" has a narrow interpretation, and "distribution" a wide, more flexible meaning.
  5. london calling Senior Member


    No, I agree with Tim!

    You can distribute anything through distribution channels...

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