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In 14th episode of 4th series of the Fringe serial, there is a situation where
woman somehow start to have memories of another one. When they talk about this situation following is used:

Peut-être. une certaine forme de transmission de pensée.
Elle canalise tes souvenirs.

In dictionary I found that canaliser means to build canals on the river or make the river usable for boats.
What does it mean here?

Merci beaucoup pour votre reponse.
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    It means to channel.
    Some mediums are said to channel the spirits of those who have passed away.
    In your case, the woman is channeling the memories of someone else, i.e.,
    the other person's memories are coming through her.


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    Hi. This means that the woman gathers the memories of the other and share them. "canal" means "channel" (TV channel) too. Si I think you can say in English that "She channelizes your memories".

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