Cancellation of Removal

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Which of these have a professional translation (EN to ES) to "Cancellation of Removal"?

A. Cancelación de Expulsión
B. Cancelación de Remoción
C. Detencción de Deportación
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    Hola foreros, I'd like to revive this thread since "cancellation of removal" is a term that I use every day at work, and I don't have a good translation for it. For those that don't know the context, it's a form of relief that can be sought when someone is in removal (deportation) proceedings in US immigration court. "Cancelación de Deportación," just doesn't seem right to me, and I've been using "cancelación de expulsión." Hopefully there's another immlaw paralegal or someone with exposure to the context out there that could shed some light on the issue. Thanks!


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    I've worked as an immigration legal assistant for some time now. For removal, "expulsión" is always used, so I'd go with "Cancelación de Expulsn."
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