1. patboy Member

    French - France
    bonjour merci de me dire comment traduire en GB :

    passer le baccalauréat en candidat libre (donc non scolarisé)
  2. Newangle Senior Member

    Normandy, France
    English, France
    as an independent candidate
  3. patboy Member

    French - France
    Do you mean independant ?
    I don't feel that much satisfied with "independant candidate", any other suggestion ?
  4. walkyrie Senior Member

    né et vit en France
  5. Qcumber Senior Member

    UK English
    It's independent, with an E!
  6. patboy Member

    French - France
    Sorry, you got the right spelling.
    Thank you

    Actually, my question is for a CV/resume in GB English.
    My freind has passed his "baccalaureat" as an **independent candidate**, or **external applicant**, or ... what else ???
  7. patboy Member

    French - France
    anyone for a helpful hand please !!!
  8. RuK Senior Member

    Outside Paris
    English/lives France
    I think independent candidate, myself.
  9. AuraMaster New Member

    Montpellier, France
    France et français
    According to my English teacher the best choice in this case would be "External candidate"

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