candle-white fish

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The beach in Macao, 1928, just after strong storm looks as described below.
I'll be very grateful for any information about candle-white fish; maybe other name or link to encyclopaedia. I was trying to find something googling around the Web, but till now without any result.
All along the praya they witnessed the detritus from the storm: telegraph poles bowing their heads, stripped trees with toothpick arms, their branches like broken ribs, metal roofs bent and distended, folded in on themselves, beaches strewn with graveyards of candle-white fish, the short slapping sounds of the surf regurgitating gurgling carcasses of belly-bulging cows, the thousands and thousands of sandflies, the ash-mountains of dead rodents. Everything smelled of wet, mouldy earth and burned animal hair.
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    I would say that it refers to that dull off-white colour that dead fish go when they die and get washed up on the beach and lose all their colour. The colour they go resembles the creamy white of a church candle.
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