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Hello to you all!

Suppose I have candy on my desk and my co-worker has candy on her desk, should I say "our candy" or "our candies"? I wrote a dialog as follows and I am not sure whether to use candy or candies and hence "it was" or "they were". Please help me with this. Thank you very much.

Gina: Oh, no! Where is all my candy?
Jean: My candy is missing too. I put it in my desk yesterday.
Joe: What happened?
Gina: Our candy is gone. They were in our desks yesterday.
Emily: Guess what? I found some candy and toilet paper in the corner of the warehouse just now.
  • panjandrum

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    I suggest changing the fourth line:
    Gina: Our candy is gone. They were It was in our desks yesterday.

    I think in this case you need to keep using candy as uncountable.
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