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Hello everone!
I'm looking for a word that refers to tiny decorating candies that are generally used in cakes or desserts. According to what I have looked in different dictionaries it may be candy sprinkle, but I'm not really sure.
I'd appreciate it if you could help me.

Thank you!
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    Amongst the general rush of terms for candy sprinkles, does anyone know the specialist term for the little hard shiny silver balls about 3mm diameter - eighth of an inch? The kind that break your teeth if you're not careful.
    Yes, I do. :)
    Silver dragees
    The site says they aren't intended for consumption, but I don't know anyone who can resist eating them.

    To answer the original question, I agree that GWB's picture is of "sprinkles".
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    The general term in AE is decors or cake decors. Here is a cluster of various types of decors-- including the little silver dragees (a term that sounds very euro to me). The little bits at 5 o'clock are what I'd call sprinkles.


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    I would call them hundreds and thousands but understand sprinkles, when used on a cake. When eaten in sandwiches they become hagelslag.
    I always caled the silvery things bun-bearings.
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