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Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by Artrella, Jan 6, 2005.

  1. Artrella Banned

    Ciao belli! ;)

    Come si dice un cane che è moglie? >>> dico Questo cane o Questa cane?

    Un'altra domanda: come si dice "there is"??

    Grazie :) ;) :)
  2. walnut

    walnut Senior Member

    Italy - Italian
    "Questo cane" unless you're sure it's a she (informal!).
    My dog is a she-dog. She's beautiful. = Il mio cane è una femmina. E' bellissima.
    Si chiama Margherita. Il suo nome è Margherita. = Her name is Margherita.

    :D :D Moglie = wife, spouse Marito = husband
    Woman = donna Man = uomo
    Female = femmina Male = maschio

    There is = c'è
    C'è del vino? = Is there some wine?
    C'è qualcuno che suona il campanello. = There's somebody ringing the bell.

    Ciao! You're welcome! :) Walnut
  3. walnut

    walnut Senior Member

    Italy - Italian
    PS You couldn't say
    Questa cane.
    It should be
    Questa cagna/cagnetta/cagnolina.
    :arrow: Cagna is correct and normally used but can also have a strong nuance = perra.

    Ciao! :) W.
  4. Artrella Banned


    So Walnut, if you know positively that your dog is a she-dog you say questa cagna or is it more convenient to say questo cane always?

    Grazie, Art :p ;) :)
  5. Alfry

    Alfry Senior Member

    If you are very very sure that everyone knows you are referring to your dog then you can say
    questa cagna.

    otherwise it's more convenient to say: Questa cagnetta.

    If she is too big: Questa cagnona, questa cagnolona.
  6. walnut

    walnut Senior Member

    Italy - Italian
    I agree with alfry.

    When talking about animals the masculine the correct choice. "Questa cagna" it's quite rare also if correct (more frequent in the countryside).
    Then I could choose to use gender specifications: if I want to put an accent on it, when I'm talking about my dog, about a dog I personally know, or - tipically - if I'm very fond of animals.

    Ciao :) Walnut
  7. Artrella Banned

    :p Grazie Alfry e Walnut!! :p This usage is strange to me because we in Spanish make the difference between female and male animals. Of course in English it's only the dog (no sex), but in German you also have the difference.

    Well, so to be on the safe side I'll use the masculine.

    Ciao! Art :) ;) :p
  8. gatoviejo

    gatoviejo Senior Member

    Hi Art!
    Do you want to talk to your dog in italian, in the future??? :D
    Better take a cat for conversation. :D
    By the way, in italian ...
    il gatto = the cat (male)
    la gatta = the cat (female)

    :p g@to :p
  9. Artrella Banned


    Hi Gato! what a nice surprise finding you here in ROMA!!! HA HA HA !!!

    I like "la gatta" !!!

    Bussi G!!! :) ;) :p

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