caning [canning] factories

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  1. Couch Tomato

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    Why has south eastern Alaska so many caning factories?
    Because there's so much salmon

    (The Catcher in the Rye – J.D. Salinger)

    Holden reads from his sister's notebook. What is a caning factory? I've found some results in Google, but I couldn't find any clear examples. What do you think it means? Google thought I misspelled the word and meant canning instead. Could that be it?
  2. Myridon

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    It should read "canning factories."
  3. George French Senior Member

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    Looks like a spelling mistake.


    Canning factory....
  4. Thomas1

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    Just in case: it's a factory that puts salmon into makes 'cans', or 'tins' if you prefer.

    Or an establishment where you get some spanking. :D
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  5. egorca New Member

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    I guess Phoebe wrote about the tin cans and canned fish factoring. Thus, caning is probably is putting/packing some goods (salmon) into tin cans.
  6. JustKate

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    No, a canning factory would be a cannery - a place where food (salmon in this case) - is canned. I've never run across a term for a factory that produces cans, but I guess it would be a can factory.

    As George and Myridon pointed out, it is spelled canning, by the way - with two N's, not one.
  7. Thomas1

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    polszczyzna warszawska
    Ups, you're right, of course, Kate.
  8. Couch Tomato

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    Thank you for your replies.
  9. Copyright

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    Phoebe is 10 and not the world's best speller ... later in that same diary entry is this:

    Shirley you said you were sagitarius but your only taurus bring your skates when you come over to my house

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