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When it comes to say some website is not on the air, I alway choose to say I cannot access the website xxx. But I feel it is too formal to use "access" here for an colloquial conversation. Anyone can suggestion any other words for this? Thanks!
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  • Dimcl

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    I don't find "access" too formal for a casual conversation but you could say "I can't get on the XXX website".

    By the way, we don't say that a website "is not on the air". We say that the site is "up" (performing as expected) or "down" (not accessible).

    Just a note - there's no such word as "Thx" in English.


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    New Zealand, English
    You could say you can't get to the website. I think that's what I would say.

    Also, we don't say a website is 'on air'. You could talk about it being down, or offline.
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