Can't a <fellow>...


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While Pinocchio and Jimony Cricket are at the bottom of the sea (in the Pinocchio movie), to drive away a little fish that has been following him, Jimony Cricket says to him,
"Run along, ya little... squirt"
(Note, before he uttered the word "squirt", a very bigh fish, probably the little fish's mother, shows up and scowls at Jimony.)
Then Jimony continues to say to the big fish
"What's the matter? Can't a fellow, uh-- I was only--"

Although it's an unfinished sentence, I still wonder why he uses the word "fellow".
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    It simply means a male, a man, a boy as per the WR definition:
    fel•low /ˈfɛloʊ/ n. [countable]
    1. a man or boy:a handsome fellow.
    2. Informal Terms[Informal.]a person; one:They don't treat a fellow very well here.

      [Often replace by "fella" these days.]



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    I believe it's Jiminy Cricket, by the way.
    (But Google gives a few hundred hits for "Jimony Cricket" ... I wonder if it can be anything more than just a typo?)
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