can't beat the rent

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Hello !

Billie lives in a trailer. Her friend asks her a little suprised :
-You live here ?
-Can't beat the rent. she replays.

A scene from a Trial and error movie.

I understand generally the whole situation ( living in a trailer is much cheaper than renting a flat ) but I'd like to ask about two things.
What is the subject of the sentence ? ( She can't beat the rent ? )
Is it idiomatic expression ? ( to beat the rent ?)
  • VicNicSor

    She seems to be sarcastic. She could've said:
    (A trailer) can't beat a flat with the conveniences -- which would mean that living in a trailer is worse than living in a flat. But she said "(paying) the rent", by which she meant -- yes, it's just a trailer, but I don't have to pay the rent.
    The expression is: something beats (is better than) something.
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