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Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by KeRoPPi^^, Aug 3, 2007.

  1. KeRoPPi^^ New Member

    italia italiano
    My friends tell me many time that "can't" is pronunciated "chent" but, I know different: the correct pronunciation is CANT...I think, so wich one is right??
  2. Outsider Senior Member

    Portuguese (Portugal)
    Hi, welcome to the forum. At the top of each page there is a dictionary. The English dictionary includes pronunciation.

  3. Memimao Senior Member

    Busto Arsizio, Italy
    United Kingdom English
    We usually pronounce the negative with a long vowel (carnt) because otherwise it sounds to close to the affermative (can(t))
  4. usa_scott Senior Member

    Washington D.C.
    AE vs BE makes all the difference.

    For the Italian speaker, the AE vowel sound in can't, as correctly pronounced, is between "chent" and "cant". It's a sound that doesn't really exist in either BE or Italian.

    The BE vowel sound in can't is nearly identical to the Italian vowel "a" sound (unless it's the long vowel sound, as in name).

    A sound is hard to describe - you've got to hear it in order to apprehend it thoroughly.
  5. brian

    brian Senior Member

    AmE (New Orleans)
    I pronounce the "a" in "can't" just like the "a"'s in "pan," "clan," "fan," "ran," etc. Just like any regular short "a" of that time. Pronouncing it like an "e" would sound odd.

    BUT oddly enough I pronounce the "a" in "can" somewhere between the "e" in "pen" and the "i" in "pin." I think it depends on the subject of "can." When I say "I can," the vowel leans more toward a short "i" sound.

    It may help to mention that I'm southern. :) (New Orleans, Louisiana)

  6. AshleySarah

    AshleySarah Senior Member

    English - N.Ireland
    If you want to sound like an American, say "chent". If you want to speak more like the British or Australians, say "caant". You "can" (like ran - short vowel) or you "caant" (long vowel).

  7. Memimao Senior Member

    Busto Arsizio, Italy
    United Kingdom English
    Remember too that when can is between subject and main verb it's k'n:

    I can drive = ayk'n drive
  8. Leo57 Senior Member

    UK English

    I beg your pardon!! ;) Leo
  9. Memimao Senior Member

    Busto Arsizio, Italy
    United Kingdom English
    Yup, it's a schwa in this position
  10. KeRoPPi^^ New Member

    italia italiano
    cheers!now is more clear e i'm so satisfact because had reason! :p

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