Can't wait to see you again!

Discussion in 'French-English Vocabulary / Vocabulaire Français-Anglais' started by MidnightxSanity, Oct 29, 2006.

  1. MidnightxSanity

    MidnightxSanity New Member

    Not close enough to hug you
    English, Spanish how exactly would you say that in french??
  2. RuK Senior Member

    Outside Paris
    English/lives France
    Je t'attends avec impatience.
  3. JShields New Member

    Johns Creek, GA USA
    USA English

    Je pense que vous parleriez: J'attend avec impatience de vous voir.

    Je suis Americaine et je ne suis pas certaine. On qui parle français couramment sera sûr.

  4. sebisghosts New Member

    In southern France you would say "Je me languis de te voir".
  5. Wild Bee Senior Member

    Ou plutôt "Je me languis de te revoir" car ce serait le sens de "again".
  6. DearPrudence

    DearPrudence Dépêche Mod (AL mod)

    French (lower Normandy)
    Plus simplement j'aurais dit :
    "J'ai hâte de te revoir."
  7. Wild Bee Senior Member

    Ou encore "Il me tarde de te revoir".
  8. ajparis Senior Member

    American English
    For me "J'ai hâte...." and "Il me tarde...." sound like something a character from a Proust novel might say. The English is very current and rather informal. I'd imagine more "Je meurs d'envie de te revoir" or, for example, if you have a date fixed for Sunday, "Vivement dimanche !"
  9. OlivierParisFr New Member

    I agree with Dear Prudence and Wild Bee : 'J'ai hâte de te revoir' or 'Il me tarde de te revoir' is day-to-day/usual wording and sounds appropriate to me here.
  10. All in One Senior Member

    Seconded. Also: Je suis impatient de te revoir.
  11. Wild Bee Senior Member

    Well, the thing is that in my region, Haute Provence, we use from time to time "il me tarde de...", this is not that formal...

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