Can't you dig up another girl?

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Hi everybody!

Please I need to be sure whether or not "dig up" in this context means "look for"

Minds blown clean of the thoughts that rankle,
Far we'll stray where the grasses swirl.
[I'll be certain to turn my ankle;
Can't you dig up another girl?]

Source: SONG OF THE WILDERNESS by Dorothy Parker.


  • owlman5

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    Hello, sami33. Your interpretation makes some sense. I think this interpretation is a little closer to the meaning: to find another girl. "Dig up" sounds negative or disparaging, as though the act of finding another girl wasn't an admirable thing to do.
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    I think it does mean "find" here, but based on the fact that it's by Dorothy Parker, who does enjoy a joke, I think the speaker (a female) is saying basically "I just know I'm going to twist my ankle or something if we go out in that meadow - surely among all the girls you know there has to be one who wouldn't mind going with you?"
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