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The Burj al Arab skyview restaurant is situated 200 metres above the sea and cantilevers 25 metres from the main hotel structure.
Does "cantilever" mean that is far from the main hotel structure?
Source:e-architect - Burj al Arab, Dubai
Luxury Hotel by Jumeirah: Development – Iconic UAE Architecture
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    No. It means that the restaurant juts out from the building, as balconies often do.. A cantilever is something which is attached to the main structure at one end only.

    Think of the building as a tall penguin, with a very long beak. The beak looks like a cantilever, because one end is attached to its head, but the other end is not attached to anything. The hotel is the penguin's body and the skyview restaurant is its 25 metre-long beak. i.e. It's a 25 metre-long cantilever (noun). Or, it cantilevers (verb) out 25 meters from the main structure.

    By the way, in my opinion, "cantilever" is used mostly in technical contexts. (e.g. Civil engineering.) It's not a word that one encounters on a daily basis. So I'd recommend learning it for understanding, rather than for use in non-technical contexts. (Unless, of course, you'll need to use it in your own career!)
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