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I have to translate a description of a local coat of arms and after researching, I find that there is a very special language, most of which comes from Anglo-Norman English, thus plenty of French words remain (example "gueles"). My dilemma is that as this is for a website, I have to translate it correctly and the I can't find a copy of the original coat of arms (it was redesigned in 1991).

This is the description in French.

Azur D’Azur au vaisseau d’or habillé d’argent accompagné au canton dextre d’un soleil d’or à la filière d’argent

From what I've read, dextre is a position on the shield. My attempt is:
Azur vessel in gold, dressed in silver, with a golden sun in the dextre cantons [...]

Many many thanks

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    Blue (d'azur), with a golden ship (au vaisseau d'or) with silver sails (habillé d'argent) and a golden sun to its right, it [the blazon itself] has a silver border (filière d'argent). [...]
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    The equivalent 'English' heraldic description would be:

    Azure a vessel or dressed argent, with a sun or in canton. [...]

    In ordinary English: on a blue shield a yellow ship with white sails and a yellow sun above it to the left. [...]
    Note that yellow and gold are heraldically equivalent, as are white and silver.

    Note also that in the context of a heraldic description 'dextre' means left and not right!

    I hope that helps.
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    Thank you all VERY VERY MUCH - I can't tell you how much time I've already spent looking for what I thought was the "old" coat of arms - it turns out they are describing the new one. I panicked when I saw all the heraldry wording. Really, I appreciate enormously the help that you've given me here and if I can ever be of help to you, don't hesitate to contact me!!!!
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