canton (ferroviaire)


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How would you translate "canton" or "system de cantonnement" (railway context) into English?

Here is the phrase I'm trying to translate: Le réseau est divisé en secteurs, appelés "cantons". Cela garantit au train que lorsqu'il a le droit d'entrer dans un canton il sera le seul train présent dans cette zone.

Here is my attempt at translation: The network is divided in to sections or "blocks". [...]

Many thanks in advance for your suggestions / advice!

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    You seem to have the correct term.
    From a wiki page:
    "Trains cannot collide with each other if they are not permitted to occupy the same section of track at the same time, so railway lines are divided into sections known as blocks. In normal circumstances, only one train is permitted in each block at a time. This principle forms the basis of most railway safety systems."
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