Cantonese: 睡夠了沒有? (sleep enough, well rested)


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Hi all,
Which is the best colloquial cantonese equivalent for mandarin "睡夠了沒有?" or i think in english, it is "did you sleep enough/are you well rested?"

a)瞓夠未? (direct translation but thought it can be confused with 瞓覺未 and therefore not natural way?)
e)Other suggestions

Thanks in advance
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    Hi! 睡夠了沒有? sounds like a reproach, said for example when you're waken up by your teacher during a class. In Cantonese you'd say 瞓飽未呀?/瞓夠未呀?

    For "did you sleep well last night?" perhaps you can say 昨天晚上睡得好嗎? in Mandarin or 尋晚瞓得好唔好呀? in Cantonese.

    你瞓醒未? literally means "you've waken up or not?", but it can also be used sarcastically: "wake up and smell the coffee, man!"

    *瞓足未 doesn't exist, but you can say things like 我尋晚瞓足八個鐘,所以今日好精神.

    瞓覺 fan4gaau3 and 瞓夠 fan3gau3 are not really homophones, so they won't be confused. Also note that fan3 "sleep" is written as 睏 by some, although the "literary reading" 文讀 of 睏 is kwan3 in Cantonese (there's some irregular correspondence between ku- in Mandarin and f- in Cantonese, for example 塊 kuai4 vs faai3; 魁 ku(e)i2 vs fui1; 寬 kuan1 vs fun1 etc).
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