Cantonese: I will miss you dearly

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  1. AGLace New Member

    english- american
    Can someone please translate this into Cantonese for me, I need to learn how to write the characters for this statement:

    "I will miss you dearly my best friend, I love you"

    Thank you in advance.
  2. edencheng New Member

    Hong Kong
    Cantonese - Hong Kong
    For written Cantonese: 我的朋友,我非常想念你,我愛你。

    For spoken Cantonese: 老友,我好掛住你,我愛你。

    Based on Hong Kong cantonese.
  3. satimis Senior Member

    Traditional Chinese
    Hi AGLace,

    Cantonese is only a dialect in Guangdong Province, China. There are many dialects in this province. If you put them in writing it would be difficult for other people to understand unless they are familiar with that particular dialect. I'll try my best to help you.

    我會唔見左我最親愛同最好記朋友. 我愛你

    Simplified Chinese;
    我会唔见左我最亲爱同最好记朋友. 我爱你

    It would be better for you to translate it in Mandarin/Putunghua to make all Chinese understand.

    Also there are many dialects in other provinces in China such Shanghai, Wuxi, etc. in Jiangsu Province. If you write them in their dialect (actually only in pronunciation). No people in China will understand except people in that districts.

  4. edencheng New Member

    Hong Kong
    Cantonese - Hong Kong
    I think "miss" here means 想念
  5. satimis Senior Member

    Traditional Chinese
    Cantonese is very tricky dialect. It depends in which occasion the original poster going to use it. If writing it to a girl friend drawing her attention the wordings will be different to using it as an instrument for departing that will be a different story.

  6. xiaolijie

    xiaolijie Senior Member

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    satimis, you seem to have missed what edencheng said :).

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