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    Good afternoon,

    I'm trying to translate CVs for my students who would like to apply for jobs in England.
    I find it hard to find out equivalents for the following diplomas:
    - CAP hôtellerie - restauration
    - BEP hôtellerie - restauration

    If you can help me, let me thank you from the bottom of my heart! It will help me so much!
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  2. Jean-Michel Carrère Senior Member

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    I think that the first level of the National Vocational Qualifications (NVQ level 1) would (at least broadly) correspond to the French CAP, and the second level (NVQ level 2) to the BEP.

    Alternatively, you could use phrases such as : 2-year / 3-year French National Vocational Qualifications course in ...

    As for hôtellerie, translations range from "catering", to "hospitality", and "hotel management", depending on what you mean.
  3. dratuor Senior Member

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    Hello everyone,

    I'm a little bit confuse by the different scholar systems and I need a translation for CAP and BEP

    CAP: Certificat d'Aptitudes Professionelles
    It's the "lowest" french diploma. usually gotten even before high school.

    BEP: Brevet d'Etudes Professionnelles
    It's the second "lowest" french diploma. still before highschool's graduation. (one year from it)

    Both of those diplomas are very specifics (the field of study is very narrow)

    I'd like to know if anyone would know the english equivalent.
    thanks for your help.

    the idea is that those student don't actually follow high school but technical training and get a diploma at 11th grad equivalent.
    I'd lik to know if something similar exists
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  6. Roublardise New Member

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    Quite similarly to the person in a past thread inquiring about CAP/BEP Restauration (sorry, as a newbie i can't post the link...) I'm attempting to translate a CV but from English to French.

    I wonder what the NVQ Level 2 in Wood Occupations (Carpentery & Joinery) would correspond to in the French system...

    I wanted to opt for CAP but reading this other thread it may be a BEP?

    And would anybody know by any chance the proper equivalent? For exemple, i've only seen "CAP Charpenterie bois" so far and i think the other one is "Charpenterie métallique". I hope that's it because that would make the choice way easier...But if there are other options...

    Thank you very much in advance to anybody who could help in some way!

    Oh and NARIC, the French CIEP, and the official body in the UK delivering those qualifications that i all had on the phone have been useless in answering me.
  7. Milord Senior Member

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    SORRY unclear formatting, here we go:the difference in France between a CAP and a BEP is that with a CAP, you are able to start working straight away (very practical training), whereas after a BEP it is recommended to continue studying.(I don't know what NVQ Level 2 is, so I ll leave it with you to choose which one matches better)I looked up a website with a list of CAP available in France, and the ones listed are: CAP Charpentier bois and CAP Menuisier (Joinery), I did not see CAP Charpente Métallique.There is also a BEP Metier du bois.(the list : you are translating a CV it does not matter if it does not match exactly what they have in France, for example you can state 'équivalent à un CAP Charpentier bois et un CAP Menuisier, ainsi qu'une formation en chapenterie métallique".
  8. Nicomon

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    Hello and welcome to the forums, Roublardise :)

    In case it would help... as I hardly know anything (make that nothing) about European diplomas, it would appear as per this chart that the NVQ is equivalent to a French CAP.

    I believe that in the Canadian system, NVQ, carpentery & joinery would be DEP en charpenterie-menuiserie.

    DEP = diplôme d'études professionnelles

    How about, as found googling : CAP métiers du bois and perhaps adding between parentheses : (charpenterie et menuiserie).

    Would that work? :eek:
  9. LivingTree

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    C.v.s are a misery to translate.

    The thing to keep in mind is that a qualification obtained in one system can't be "translated" into a qualification in another system. It has to be given its correct name in its own language, with possibly an explanation in square brackets. So you could say that the one in question is "equivalent to" a DEP en charpenterie-menuiserie, for instance, but you couldn't translate it to make it that, since that is not the qualification that the person has.
  10. Pinec Member

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    I would very much like this thread to come back to life.
    I am trying to write a resume for an US audience and cannot find what's appropriate to put in lieu of my "CAP de Cuisine de Restaurant". Thank you very much!
  11. wildan1

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    Hello Pinec,

    I know you asked this question quite a while ago, and I had promised to help all seekers of information about the French technical education track at the secondary level.

    For future readers, it is important to know that the kind of specialized technical training offered in French lycées techniques is not widely available in US secondary schools. This kind of training is usually found in community colleges, which offer two-year courses after the 12 years of high school.

    A few cities or states will have voc-tech high schools, which may offer some coursework similar to that offered in French lycées techniques, but as far as I know there is no special diploma or certificate at that level. The training would just be reflected through the transcript of courses and the name of the school issuing the high school diploma, which typically carries the vocational or technical
    designation in its name.
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    Diploma and educational equivalencies are a challenge, since each country and even parts of some countries, has its own system, organization and standards.

    Links to more detailed information and national contexts can be found in the Educational Systems/Systèmes d'education page in our French Resources Forum. See here:èmes-déducation.435163/

    wildan1, Moderator

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