cap (upper limit)


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Hi there again :D

I'm trying very hard, but I fail to find any satisfactory Polish translation of "cap" (upper limit).

The government set a cap on military spending.

How would you nicely translate the underlined part? Particularly, I'm interested in the word "cap" in the context above.

Maybe Rząd ustalił górny limit na wydatki wojskowe. - that simple? Is there a better way?

Thanks in advance :)
  • Thomas1

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    Hi dn88, :)

    Górny limit was my first choice when I saw your sentence.
    Ograniczenie another one that occurs to me;
    Rząd nałożył ograniczenie na wydatki woskowe. but I like the former better.
    Or taking a workaround you could say:
    Rząd ograniczył/postanowił ograniczyć wydatki wojskowe.



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    Meaning? wprowadził ograniczenie would be better?
    Much better. I had some doubts about the verb that'd collocate well with ograniczenie, and gave nałożył for the lack of something better; thanks for your opinion, rozwal.

    However, here I also prefer the verbal construction which sounds more natural to me than the noun ones.